Toilet Stool Designed by Nature

Handmade wooden toilet stool for better health and higher comfort.

prevents disease

saves time

more comfort

Love at first squat

Handmade wooden toilet stool for better health and higher comfort.

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How it works?


Stokrle combines the health benefits
of squatting with the comfort of a modern toilet.


The squat position is the only optimal and natural position for defecation. This is how our ancestors used to do it.


The flush toilet is a modern invention. Its main advantage is comfort. But it is no good for elimination.


That is why we created the stokrle toilet stool. It elevates your feet while sitting on a toilet to imitate a squatting position.

Sitting vs. squatting

When sitting, the colon is constricted by a special muscle (musculus puborectalis). Its function is to hold the stool inside the body. Eliminating while sitting is therefore hard and we are forced to push. When squatting this muscle is relaxed and the colon aligns with the rectum. Now the path is clear for effortless elimination.

Feel the difference,
or your money back!

Try stokrle toilet stool with a risk-free trial!



to Germany and Austria in 5 days


30 days for trying out


sustainably without plastic

Our values

Health education

Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Europe. We are aiming to educate the public towards more attention to colon and bowels health.

Social responsibility

Stokrle is made in Czechia with the help of people with mental disabilities as a part of their therapeutic training. It is hand-made with attention to detail.

Respect for nature

Stokrle is made and packaged without using a single piece of plastic, with maximal responsibility towards nature and minimal impact on the environment.

Touch of nature for
better health

Find out what it feels like to go to the toilet quickly and effortlessly - just how nature meant it.
Your colon will thank you.

Frequently asked questions

We have studied all available scientific research before designing the stokrle toilet stool. The health benefits of squatting while defecating have been found in multiple independent studies. Elimination on the toilet was found to be faster and less strenuous when using a stool for elevating feet. Read more in these studies: Israeli study, 2003, Japanese study, 2010 , Pakistani study, 2013.

We deliver stokrle for just 10,00 € across Germany and Austria through the DHL shipping company. We ship it from the Czech republic. It will be delivered in less than 5 work days after you pay for the order. There are no import fees or paperwork.

If you find that stokrle doesn’t fit your needs or isn’t helping you, you can ship it back to us and we will return your money. You have 30 days to decide.

The top of the stool is cut out in such a way that allows it to be stored neatly under the toilet when it is not being used. The width of the stool is around 20 cm wide and will fit most toilets. There are some very wide designer toilets that are too big for the cutout. You will not be able to store stokrle under this type of toilet. But you can always store it next to the toilet. If you are unsure, send us a link or a photo of your toilet and we will let you know if it will fit.

There is no need to worry. The surface treatment is waterproof varnish which will easily withstand occasional splash of water and moisture in the bathroom.

Stokrle is handmade out of solid spruce wood. We try to minimize the impact on the environment by using ecological materials and packaging. There is also a social dimension to our project. Stokrle is made with the help of people with various forms of disabilities who work alongside skilled artisans as a part of their therapeutic training.

Do you have any questions ?

Write us at and we'll get in touch soon!